Playtime by Eimmie

Playtime by Eimmie Playtime Pack Cheerleader - 18 Inch Dolls

$24.99 USD

Do you have squad goals? C-H-E-E-R, what does that spell Cheer! Eimmie and her friends love to support their team and their community. Wherever someone could use a little bit of encouragement, the squad will be there. This 9-piece set includes: A pink and white cheerleading uniform with hook and loop closure, matching cheer briefs, white shoes with pink shoelaces, a set of pom-poms, a megaphone, pink hair bow, and a metallic pink cheer bag. Also included is a color and mail postcard activity allowing your child to share with someone special, the fun they're having while playing with this adorable set from Playtime by Eimmie.

  • Set designed to fit popular 18-inch doll brands
  • Engage your child with real imaginative play
  • Everything cheer from bows to toes
  • Outfit only- Doll not included with purchase
  • Hook and loop closure on outfit for easy changes
  • Inspiring minds with toys that empower imagination


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