Playtime By Eimmie

Playtime by Eimmie Playtime Pack Halloween with Matching Child Accessories 18 Inch Doll

$34.99 USD

You will be too cute to spook, but there is something mysterious in the air. Witches, bats, and black cats… Halloween must be near! Grab your baskets and your candy and prepare for the trick-or-treat rush! Tackle this spooky season in style! This outfit will cast a spell on everyone! This pack includes adorable doll-sized and child-sized plush pumpkin baskets for Trick or Treating! Kids will love how much candy and goodies can fit inside this pumpkin basket! No need to make multiple stops to dump out candy before continuing on your trick-or-treat route! This basket is 8 Inches deep and soft enough to pack full without damaging the contents. This 5-piece classic Halloween set includes: A doll-sized black dress with orange and black ribbon accents, black and orange striped tights, a classic pointed hat with orange ribbon and bow, and matching plush candy baskets for the doll and your child. The dress's easy hook and loop closure allow for quick wardrobe changes. Also included is a color and mail postcard activity allowing your child to share with someone special, the fun they're having while playing with this adorable set from Playtime by Eimmie. 

  • Set designed to fit popular 18-inch doll brands
  • Engage your child with real imaginative play
  • Includes matching accessories for your child
  • Outfit only- Doll not included with purchase
  • Hook and loop closure on outfit for easy changes
  • Inspiring minds with toys that empower imagination
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