Sesame Street | Elmo Adult Snugible 2-in-1 Blanket Hoodie & Pillow

$69.99 USD

Say hello to Elmo Sesame Street Snugible! Get your giggles on with the super plush, delightful pillow that transforms into a blanket hoodie. Elmo is one of the most beloved Sesame Street characters of all time! This adorable, wearable blanket hoodie is the perfect way to bring the joy of Elmo, everyone's favorite furry red monster, into your cozy moments. Crafted with the softest materials and designed for ultimate comfort and play, the Elmo Snugible allows you to stay warm and snug while keeping the freedom to move and play.

  • Ultra-Soft Lightweight Plush Fabric 
  • Quality materials
  • Adult and Children Sizes
  • Machine washable

Whether you are enjoying a relaxing evening, or simply seeking a playful companion, the Elmo Sesame Street Snugible is here to add a touch of Sesame Street magic to your day, making every snuggle session a delightful and laughter-filled experience.

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