Sharewood Forest Friends

Sharewood Forest Friends Aria the Alpaca Hand Puppet

$14.99 USD

Welcome to Sharewood Forest, where kindness grows every day. Please let us introduce Aria the Alpaca, who has a talent for making life musical. Our Aria the Alpaca Hand Puppet is 14-Inches tall and arrives wearing an adorable blue, green, and golden yellow plaid skirt and a velvety sable brown shawl tied with a satin ribbon. Her matching plaid hair bow and ribbon accented shoes complete her ensemble, which is perfect for a day playing with her friends in Sharewood Forest. She is as soft as she is unique with her custom-designed outfit that matches her fun personality. Aria's favorite place in Sharewood Forest is the Marigold Mountains, where she loves to sing her favorite songs for all her Sharewood Forest Friends to hear. No matter where she goes, she always reminds those that she meets to embrace their talents and let their light shine!

  • Use for storytelling, pretend play, and more
  • Features embroidered nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Carefully designed and crafted to last for years
  • Conveniently sized to bring along anywhere they go
  • Great for imaginative play at home or away
  • Inspiring minds with toys that empower imagination
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