Playtime by Eimmie

Playtime by Eimmie Playtime Pack Lets Go Camping 18 Inch Doll

$34.99 USD

Sleep under the Milky way with our Camping Playtime pack that makes the perfect home base for your next camping trip. The doll-sized tent has lots of fun features like ties to keep the door flaps open, and it is large enough for two dolls to sleep inside comfortably. The cute and cozy matching doll-sized sleeping bags are great to use in the tent or outside to let your doll sleep under the stars Camping out with your doll is so much fun with this set! Camp out with a friend. This 5-piece set comes with a pink tent with tie-back panel doors, two tent poles, and two matching doll sleeping bags. Also included is a color and mail postcard activity allowing your child to share with someone special, the fun they're having while playing with this adorable set from Playtime by Eimmie.

  • Set designed to fit popular 18-inch doll brands
  • Engage your child with real imaginative play
  • Cute pink and white daisy patterned tent and bags
  • Outfit only- Doll not included with purchase
  • Hook and loop closure on outfit for easy changes
  • Inspiring minds with toys that empower imagination


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