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Playtime by Eimmie Playtime Pack Easter with Matching Child Accessories 18 Inch Dolls

$29.99 USD

The Easter egg hunt is on! Playtime By Eimmie's Easter Playtime Pack comes with everything your little one needs to make this holiday amazing. Not only can your little one dress up her doll, but she can also match with her. This 5 piece set includes: an adorable doll-sized Easter dress decorated in pastel-colored Easter eggs, matching headbands, and plush Easter Bunny baskets for both your child and their doll. Also included is a color and mail postcard activity allowing your child to share with someone special, the fun they're having while playing with this adorable set from Playtime by Eimmie. The child bunny basket measures 8 inches deep, and 10" in diameter, large enough to pack in all of your basket stuffers from eggs, candy, toys, and any extra goodies the Easter Bunny brings! It’s a basket and a buddy! Your child’s new basket will double as one of their favorite easter plush toys. They will love showing it off to friends, using it as a tote, or to store their precious belongings long after the treats are gone!

  • Set designed to fit popular 18-inch doll brands
  • Engage your child with real imaginative play
  • Includes matching accessories for your child
  • Outfit only- Doll not included with purchase
  • Hook and loop closure on outfit for easy changes
  • Inspiring minds with toys that empower imagination
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