Teddy Hearts Snugible 2-in-1 Blanket Hoodie & Pillow

$59.99 USD
This ultra-soft transformable plushie is the only snuggle buddy you'll ever need. Teddy Hearts' Snugible 2-in-1 Blanket Hoodie & Pillow is a lightweight, oversized hoodie blanket that shape-shifts between a cozy pillow and a warm cocoon, ready to swaddle you in comfort whenever the mood strikes. Its plush [fabric] blend feels like a soft, fuzzy hug, while an elastic hem and roomy hood keep the chill at bay. On lazy Sundays, curl up on the couch with your Snugible in pillow form. Come nightfall, slip into the generously sized hoodie and drift off into dreamland, hugged by its billowy sleeves. With a simple tug of the drawstrings, this clever convertible morphs to meet your every relaxation need. Machine washable and one-size-fits-most, the Snugible is a cuddly companion built to last through every movie marathon, bedtime story and cat nap. Who knew ultimate coziness could be so versatile? Transform into snuggle mode anytime with this 2-in-1 plush wonder.
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