NASA | Astronaut Charlie 14” Plush Figure

$24.99 USD

Get ready to launch into an intergalactic adventure with Charlie, the fearless NASA astronaut plush doll by Plushible! With his bright orange NASA jumpsuit and matching black NASA hat, Charlie is all set to explore the mysteries of the cosmos and inspire young space enthusiasts to reach for the stars. 🌌 

  • 14-inch Inspired NASA Plush Figure
  • Detailed embroidered features for authenticity
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Soft, high-quality plush fabric 
  • No small or removable parts making them safe for all age groups

Charlie isn't just any plush toy; he's a symbol of courage, curiosity, and the undying spirit of aerospace exploration. Equipped with his trusty NASA gear, he's ready to take on any space mission and inspire young minds to dream big and aim high!🚀

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