KooKoo Play Pals

"Snoozy" the 18in Humongous-Billed Caterwauling Who-Zee-What by KooKoo Play Pals"

$29.99 USD

Wow! It's a KooKoo Zoo KooKoo Bird! Each KooKoo Bird Play Pal makes its own unique KooKoo Kall when you squeeze its beak and opens into a 14 x 18 pillow that's perfect for home travel sleepovers or daycare. Join this KooKoo Bunch in a world of fun and laughter. KooKoo Birds are full of surprises from their KooKoo expressions to their long-winded names and their KooKoo Kalls. Each one is a unique experience! Go Totally KooKoo and Koollect the entire flock!

  • Squeeze Beak for Unique KooKoo Kall
  • Opens to a 14 x 18" Pillow
  • Great for Home Sleepovers Travel or Daycare
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