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Orange Onions Turns 15 Years old

As an award-winning toy manufacturer, OrangeOnions, LLC. has come a long way since it was founded 15 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2007 with just a dream and a garage. With its rapid growth, the toy manufacturer is now operating in over 110,000 square feet of office and warehouse space and is still based in Cleveland, Ohio.

From the CEO

"The past 15 years have been exceptionally rewarding. Our success has been driven by the imagination, ingenuity, innovation, and integrity of everyone here at OrangeOnions. Thanks to our dedicated staff, partnerships, and customers, we are growing rapidly with no sign of slowing down."

Dovi Kutoff, CEO and founder of OrangeOnions, LLC.

Innovative Toys and more

In its 15 years, OrangeOnions has received over 15 awards for its custom-designed products from some of the top reviewers in the toy industry, like Creative Child Magazine, Mom's Choice, Parents Choice, and National Parenting award programs.

Additionally, OrangeOnions has matured into a sophisticated toy manufacturer focusing on toys that expand the imagination, encourage play with a purpose, and empower children to express their creativity. 

With a rich history of imaginative designs and a reputation for steadfast growth, the company is well-positioned for success and longevity in the future with it’s licensed patent pending product the Snugible™

Upcoming licenses

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